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Hsinchu At NightHsinchu, the oldest city in northern Taiwan, is an important harbor city for both transportation and trading between northern Taiwan and Mainland China.

As a key cultural and science city, rich natural sights and a high tech industrial focus, it is a popular destination for engineering and academic minds.  

Hsinchu is best known for its Science Industrial Park where only the highly educated are allowed to live and work. Many of Taiwan's computer industry and national universities are located in the area. It is about one and a half-hours by train from Taipei. Hsinchu is popularly nicknamed "The Windy City" for its windy climate.


Hsinchu Science Park

Hsinchu Science ParkIt was established by the government of the Republic of China on December 15, 1980 with investment from the Kuomintang. It straddles Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County in Taiwan. A total of 370 high-tech companies, mainly involved in the semiconductor, computer, telecommunication, and optoelectronics industries, have been established in the park at the end of December 2003. Hsinchu Science Park is now one of the world's most significant areas for semiconductor manufacturing.

It is home to the world's top two semiconductor foundries, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), both of which were established at the nearby Industrial Technology Research Institute. There is also a science-themed amusement park in the area.

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Leofoo Village ParkThis is one of the few theme parks on the island with up-to-date fun rides such as Volcano Adventures, 360 degree Roller Coasters, Pirate Ship, Jurassic Park etc. Other than the magnificent and colorful structures, there are servicemen on uniforms, performance stages, food stalls, souvenir shops etc, providing the utmost fun and entertainment to the young and old alike.

The park is divided into six main sections, each with its own theme. It is truly a fantastic play land and entertainment center.
In 1996, the number of visitors to the park reached 2.3 million, a figure that broke Taiwan's tourist record.

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